If you're a Muay Thai practioner, MMA fighter or martial artist then read this page right now...

Discover the SECRETS that elite martial artists and fighters are using to DOMINATE their opponents, increase their fight IQ, and develop deadly striking skills to become a complete human weapon. 

At last, the BEST tactics, strategies and training methods of World Champion Muay Thai fighters are at your finger tips to unleash your full potential - taking your striking skillset to the next level.

We are EXTREMELY EXCITED to share with you this revolutionary course.  

But first, can you answer these questions?

Do you struggle with landing solid punches against your sparring partners or opponents? It just seems like no matter what you do, your hands are a bit too slow to deal any serious damage? The timing seeming off?

Have you ever wondered what the BEST training methods, drills and strategies are for landing that killer KO punch?

Are you tired of being the punching bag for your training partners and getting beat up session after session? Would you want to learn the most effective ways to defend and counter a superior striker? To have a state of flow in each and every one of your sessions?

Would you like to find an easy solution to help you figure out the answers to any (or ALL) of the above questions? A solution that will work for anyone?

Well, if you answered with a "YES!" to ANY OR ALL of the above questions, then, what we're about to share with you is the #1 WAY to help overcome ANY training barriers keeping you from unleashing your full potential, giving you the opportunity to become a COMPLETE Nak Muay, Martial Artist and Combat Sport Athlete.

Dear fellow martial artist,

Have you ever wondered how top martial artists and champion fighters are able to RIP through their competition?

As a passionate practitioner, I'm sure you train hard each and every week. You work tirelessly on fine tuning your striking technique and are constantly trying to increase your hand speed and develop KO power in your punches.. right?

So what is the difference between you and and top level strikers who are able to put their opponents to sleep?

Why does it seem like champion martial artists possess cleaner technique, more power and speed, and a higher understanding of fight strategy than you?

What are their secrets?

What type of training methods do the highest level fighters use to enhance their training and become complete fighting machines? Are there any secrets to their succees or are they just naturally gifted athletes? 

These are common questions we ask ourselves when we feel like we reached a plateau and don't know how to break through it.

What do they know that I don't?

You're obviously a dedicated practitioner and we have no doubt that you are training hard, researching the best information and then trying to implement it all into your training... but you still feel like you aren't making any dramatic improvements or getting any closer to your martial arts goals. 

Is it your training? Is it your mindset? Are you working hard enough? Smart enough? Are you even using the right techniques and methods that are truly going to sharpen your striking skills?

What's holding me back?

It can be extremely frustrating when you feel like you're working hard but still can't see any improvement in your technique, sparring sessions or fights. The good thing is, your are not alone! There are thousands (if not more) martial artists and combat sport athletes who are in a simlliar situation as you are and looking to breakthrough these barriers.

And lets face it, top level professionals and world champions probably have a lot of help, dont you think?

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have the coaches, training partners or gym environment necessary for improving our fight game so we can become an absolute BEAST in training and in the ring or cage...


Learn from two elite level strikers and instructors...

Sean Fagan, professional Muay Thai fighter, 2x amateur champion, veteran of multiple fight camps in Thailand and creator of Muay Thai Guy and Nak Muay Nation

Sean has interviewed over 100 fighters, trainers and world champions on 'Muay Thai Guy' and has been fortunate enough to train and learn from a number of legendary fighters and coaches. He's also created the top online programs for Muay Thai and has helped thousands of nak muay reach their fight and fitness goals. 

His mission is to spread as much of his fight experience and knowledge to all passionate practitioners (like yourself) so that we all can improve as one whole community.

Paul "Reaper" Banasiak is a 9x Muay Thai champion, Golden Gloves Boxing finalist and veteran of training and fighting in Thailand. 

He is the founder of 'Muay Thai Athlete', a coach to a number of boxers, Muay Thai fighters, and martial artists, aiding them in their progress as a competitor, champion, or general fitness ethusiast - building character, confidence and a proficient skillset. 

His mission is to inspire and educate practitioners from all over the world to pursue their dreams while learning the beauty of Muay Thai and boxing. To build a limitless body and mind. 

3 Most Common Mistakes Martial Artists and Muay Thai Athletes Make That Hold Them Back From Becoming A Deadly Striker...

...and How To Avoid Them

Over their 50+ fights and years of experience, these champion fighters have witnessed (and made) some crucial mistakes that they want to help you avoid so that you can reach your full potential as quickly as possible. 

They've also talked with coaches, fighters, and martial artists from all around the world who have confirmed that there are 3 specific challenges that students face that stop them becoming a complete striker.

Lack Of Technical Skills/Knowledge - What type of techniques and tactics will make the difference in me dominating sparring sessions and winning fights?

Unwillingness To Learn Other Aspects Of Striking - Am I keeping an open-mind when it comes to adapting new strategies and tactics  

Not Knowing The Proper Training Methods and Drills - How do I train effectively and efficiently enough to make sure I'm getting optimal results? 

With these issues being so common, these two fighters created a program with other athletes, clients and fighters from around the world, all enjoying incredible success. This program enables you (and all other martial artists) to sharpen their striking skills to become the ultimate fighting machine.

But before they share this comprehensive course with you, take a DEEPER look at the 3 most common barriers facing Muay Thai, MMA and Martial Arts Athletes. If you attack these three barriers head on then you can dramatically accelerate your results and save you a lot of time and heartache. 

Common Mistake #1: Lack Of Technical Skills/Knowledge

It's not that you haven't been learning the right skills, it might be because you haven't learned how they are APPLIED to your training and sparring sessions.

Do you feel uncomfortable sparring against more experienced training partners? Or are you confused to why the things you've been training everyday aren't working in a fight? Do you struggle learning what type of setups, combinations and counters are most effective and damaging to your opponents?  

You Are Not Alone.

The number one barrier that most Muay Thai, MMA and Combat Athletes face is what understanding what tactics, strategies and technical skills are the most effective in the context of a fight. Or maybe you (like most martial artists) understand the tactics, but have trouble IMPLEMENTING then into your sparring sessions or fights...

It Can Be Extremely Demoralizing.

When you feel like you're doing everything right but it's just not working when everything is on the line, it can be damn right defeating. If you have no one guiding you and explaining to you how to utilize these technical skills, you could very easily pick up bad habits and get beat up because of them.

You Have To Train and THINK Completely Different Than Your Opponents

There are key details about how to improve your fight kills and technical knowledge so you become the fighter everyone is worried about getting punched in the face by... and we'll get to those details later.

Common Mistake #2: Unwillingness To Learn Other Aspects Of Striking 

How are you supposed to become the ultimate fighter if you're too close-minded to work on EVERY area of your striking?

As a Muay Thai enthusiast you probably work on all 8 limbs... but one of the most neglected areas of Muay Thai is BOXING.

If you're able to put together clean, crisp combos with your hands and intimidate your opponents with vicious KO power in your punches, then you'll have a HUGE advantage over almost everyone you face in sparring sessions or in a fight. Don't you want to be the fighter that everyone is afraid to face?

By developing your boxing skills you'll be able to dominate your opponents due to the fact that most other Muay Thai athlete neglect improving their boxing and focus almost solely on their kicks. And of course learning how to kick properly and with power important, but almost every Nak Muay will have a good kicking game... but what they won't have is lightning fast hands and deadly punching power.

If you're not improving your boxing, you can expect to be a punching bag for anyone you face.

In the program you're about to be shown you'll learn all the tools and tactics that high level fighters and boxers use to develop ridiculous punching power and speed.

Common Mistake #3: Not Knowing The Proper Training Methods and Drills 

Are you tired of trying to figure out what type of training methods and drills will yeild the best results in terms of improving your punching power, hand speed and overall technical abilities?

One of the most challenging elements of being a martial artist or combat sport athlete is picking and choosing the BEST and most effective methods of training that will turn you into an absolute BEAST.

Fortunately, Sean and Paul have trained with world class coaches and competed all over the world where they have learned what the best drills, techniques and training methods are so you don't have to sort and sift through all the useless ones.  

From the beginner all the way to professional fighters, we all face the same difficulties when it comes to finding the most efficient, beneficial drills to build our striking skills. 

You are literally training to FIGHT someone, so you must know the best ways to train if you want to win and dominate anyone who is put in front of you. And no matter how hard you workout, how many sessions you train or how many rounds your spar, if you're not training the right way you will NOT see the improvements you're hoping for...

These Muay Thai champions want to help you avoid these mistakes and unleash your true potential. 

Imagine Your Striking Skills Being More Explosive, Powerful, Fast And Crisp Than Ever Before. 

Just think how it will feel if you were told the exact drills, techniques, strategies and combinations you need to do in order to improve boxing skills so you can dominate any combat sport you participate in.

AND… having champion caliber tactics taught by legitimate fighters who practice what they preach and use these EXACT same training methods in their fight camps all around the world.

How about if you possessed KO punching power, lightning fast boxing combos and technical prowess that will impress your training partners and coaches AND instill fear into your future opponents.

Imagine heading to the training (or a fight) knowing you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to defeat anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

How are you going to feel when you look in the mirror and know with 100% confidence you have the Muay Thai and boxing skills to handle the toughest opponentst? 

And what about the endless amount of knowledge you'll gain and be able to share with your training partners or students so that everyone around you can benefit from your new skillset? 

Wouldn't that feel incredible?

The truth is you can experience all of the above and more with our new comprehensive course....

We Are Proud To Introduce To You...

By Sean Fagan of Muay Thai Guy

And Paul "Reaper" Banasiak of Muay Thai Athlete

What does the community think of the course?

"An amazingly complete set of over 50 videos geared specifically for Muay Thai that everyone, from beginners to pros, should be able to beneft from. 

All the basics are covered: proper stance, head movement, footwork, shadow boxing, working the heavy bag, etc. More advanced topics like distance control, key targets, slips and pivots, parrying and blocking, using the switch step, offense vs defense, etc, build on the basics. 

Also included are various drills on reaction and counters, punch evasion, body conditioning, info on jumping rope, wrapping hands, baiting your opponent, etc. But my favorites were definitely the segments on hand trapping, parrying and blocking, backing up your opponent, tall vs short (I'm 6'4), and especially the one on jab mastery which focuses on the double jab (a favorite of mine!) 

I've only been sparring for about 6 months, and these topics are what I'm currently working on. I can honestly say that these videos have absolutely helped me improve in the areas mentioned. Definitely would recommend this to any serious Nak Muay."

Art Golden, 62 Year Old Nak Muay

"Any content that adds dimensions to your striking is a must have. More gyms need to have a curriculum as in depth as this one is. Boxing in my opinion is the most fundamental striking art and is completely under emphasized. I'm really happy to see you guys took the time to this material to help MT community keep up with the times and advance our skills. Programs like this are the future of combat sports!"

Garnett Strother, Trainer and Amateur MMA and Muay Thai Fighter

"I would definitely recommend this video series to anyone wanting to improve their boxing. Sean and Paul do a really great job of breaking down the fundamentals and applying those same fundamentals to the sport of Muay Thai. 

These videos are also great for people new to the sport looking to build a solid foundation. Good stuff!"

Chris Clodfelter, Owner of Eight Point Academy, Professional Muay Thai Champion

"As a fighter with 126 boxing fights and 32 years of training with friends and clients in boxing, karate and muay thai , I feel that I can give a unbiased and experienced opinion of the Boxing for Muay Thai Course. 

The BFMT Course with the "Muay Thai Guys" Paul Banasiak and Sean Fagan provides great value, information and inspiration whether you have many years experience or are just starting out on your training and fighting journey. I found that there is something for everyone in these videos and to be honest I picked up a handful of great tips that I will be incorporating into my own training. 

The aspect I love most about the BFMT Course is that whilst giving great advice the boys keep it real and you get an insight into why the "Muay Thai Guys" have such a great fun and inspiring relationship which shines through in the videos ...... you need to get this course just so you can learn all about "shining my bald head" !!

I love this course of videos and will be returning to them again and again for the information and inspiration that Paul and Sean provide."

Jeff Smith, Boxing Veteran and Endurance Training Coach

So, What is included in my course? 

Module #1: Boxing for Muay Thai 101

This module is like the first chapter of any book. Boxing for boxing differs significantly from boxing for Muay Thai. We introduce you to the critical changes you have to make between the two styles to introduce the sweet science into the art of 8 limbs. 

  • Fundamentals, Resetting and Technique Perfection - We can't have you throwing superman punches and spinning kicks without the perfection of the fundamentals. You will learn to beat your opponent with basic punches and footwork, later chaining everything together together to dominate the competition. 
  • Jump Rope Tricks and Tips - Efficient, badass, and fun all at the same time. Putting a variety of these jump rope techniques together will have your partners looking at you like you've spent some serious time in the dark of a boxing gym. 
  • Elbow, Knee, and Kick Setups - Having a hard time fitting in elbows and knees from the outside? Not a fan of having your shin bruised and swollen from kicks? These set ups will create the openings you are looking for. 
  • Solid Hand Wrapping Techniques - Protecting your hands is boxing 101. We have seen professionals using subpar hand wrapping techniques! With this in mind, we bring you different methods of making sure your hands are ripping at the heavy bag and pads with no limit. 

Module 2: Solo Drills 

A trainer once told us, "I want to help you, but when I can't be there, you must help yourself." We are actualy here to help you without physically being with you. These solo drills ensure you are training while everyone else is sleeping!

  • Drill Unforeseeable Punches. Shadowboxing 101. Tucking the Chin - Drills you can do all by yourself, on your own time and schedule. Drills that ensure an inpregnable defense, an offense with no tells, and a chin that may never have to be tested.  
  • Heavy Bag and Uppercut Bag Fundamentals - A focus on change, creates change. You are provided with a list of things to focus on to evolve your striking game. Whether you are in class or working the bag in the garage, the evolution of your striking is a guaranteed asset with the videos provided in this module.  
  • Distance Control Drills - Controlling the distance is something that requires a partner. Or does it?

Module #3: Defensive Techniques and Drills

Working your defense will never be a struggle after eating up these drills. Dozens of techniques, drills, and even insurance policies in case you make a mistake. 

  • First Line of Your Inpregnable Defense - Authoritative blocking techniques, parries, and a variety of shells & long guards to use at your disposal. 
  • Plan B Insurance - They say most forms of inpregnable defense are 95-99% effective. Here's plan B for the other 1-5%. We show you the differences in head movement in Muay Thai and tricky pivots leaving your opponents gassed and swinging at air.
  • Complete Reaction Drills and Knockout Openers - Drills to not only provide you with matrix-like reaction speed in your defense, but to increase the speed on your counter punches as a byproduct.  

Module 4: Partner Drills and Techniques

This is where the program gets interactive and serious. We use our cleanly developed movement to polish and shine evasiveness, technical aggressiveness, and counter punching against a human target. In addition you will learn proper padwork practice, padwork chains and body conditioning finishers that will keep you looking sharp in and out of the ring. 

  • Padwork and Trigger Moves - Becoming fast and pretty without the goal of looking good on camera, but in the ring. (Although one will equal the other.) Purposeful padwork techniques to increase any fighter's offense, defensive evasiveness, responsiveness, and conditioning - from the amateur practitioner to the proficient professional.  
  • Aggressive Counter Movement - Aggressive counter movement? Isn't that an oxymoron? Not if you follow our advanced drilling techniques. As aggressive as you want to be, there are ways you can drill counter movement whilst doing so. 
  • Next Level Drills - Just as the title states, drills that will take your physical and mental toughness to the next level, that will upgrade your striking game to a professional level. These are drills that will get you feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable. Quickly. 

Module 5: Fight Tactics and Strategies

The most in depth and tactical part of any course that you will ever come across. Exposing every boxing trick to the world of Muay Thai, still keeping it in the roots of the art. Just take a look at the sample list:

  • Aiming for Key Targets
  • Jab Mastery - A Course in Itself
  • Knockout Hand Trapping Techniques
  • Baiting the Competition to the Counter
  • Snake Charming and Perfecting Distance
  • Body Shot Setups
  • Tall vs Short & Short vs Tall Guide
  • Southpaw Tactics and Tricks
  • Finishing Fights with Hands
  • Finishing Fights with Kicks, Elbows, and Knees

Need More? One more module? Sure why not!

Now Available FREE with the Purchase!

BONUS Module: Boxing Specific Exercises (Bonus #1: Value $17)

Boxing Burnout - Sean's favorite boxing burnout drill to cap off each one of your sessions, ensuring your arms never feel heavy again. 

The Top 5 Grip Strengthening Exercises - Paul takes his years of personal training experience to compile a list of exercises which are all broken down to the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level keeping you safe, but powerful. These exercises will help you gain insane grip strength needed within the clinch, and grappling, as well as protecting you from common hand & wrist injuries that occur with striking.  

Neck Strengthening Exercises, Beginner & Advanced - Strengthening the neck is important in almost all sports to prevent trauma to the brain, it is even more important in combat sports to prevent getting rocked or knocked out. In Muay Thai it is used to keep strong posture within the clinch.

If for any reason, the Boxing For Muay Thai course doesn’t live up to your expectations, just drop us an email at sean@nakmuaynation.com within 60 days of your purchase, and you’ll get a full, no questions asked and no hassles refund.

"Great videos! The course really explains basic techniques very precisely. You can never be too good for the basics. It's more than just a demonstration of a punch or a combination, it's also describing the effect and benefits from everything shown.  

I would refer any newcomer to these videos for them to study apart from the physical portion of training. This is very intellectual and easy to comprehend. And the best part is. . . it even has some southpaw tutorials!"

DJ Miller, Professional Muay Thai Fighter and Coach

Gain Technical Perfection, Inpenetrable Defensive Skill and Fight Tactics to Get Ahead of the Competition. 

Here's Everything Your About To Receive With Your Complete Boxing For Muay Thai Course.

So What's The Deal? 

What's The Investment For This Comprehensive Video Course?

Let me ask you something… What’s the price you can put on cutting out the extra hours of frustrating training sessions where you feel like you aren’t improving in the slightest and are constantly getting your ass handed to you? 

What about the price of feeling the best you’ve ever felt during training, sparring sessions or a fight where you are finally able to have your way with your training partners and opponents? 

When some people decide they have had enough of being embarrassed and REALLY want to learn how to dominate and control their opponents, they may hire a Kru or Fighter to take a few private lessons (which can add up REALLY quickly). 

Well, Paul and Sean went a thousand times further by flying thousands of miles to Thailand (on multiple occasions) to train with former champions and experienced trainers... Not just the “certified Kru” at your local MMA gym, but certified badasses who have been in the Muay Thai fight game since they were 6 years old. 

On top of that, their combined experience of 50+ fights and over 10 championship titles speak for themselves... especially since their boxing skills have won them a majority of their fights.

For personal lessons, most trainers and fighters charge $100+ per hour... which isn’t cheap either. And if you were charged “by the hour” for the course you’re about to watch, you would go BROKE considering all the time, effort and thought put into it (even though the course is much better than private lessons because you can watch it over and over again.)  

These guys have spent well over $10,000 over the years (that’s a modest number too) traveling to Thailand, fighting in the US, attending seminars and purchasing training DVD’s, books and guides… AND they've spent endless hours beating on their craft so they can share it with you and the rest of the Muay Thai community.

But since they can offer you what they've learned, and put it all into one extremely detailed, comprehensive course, you don't have toread or watch the insane amount of hours of video… or spend HUNDREDS of dollars attending seminars, taking private lessons or buying videos from other top level fighters… OR spend the THOUSANDS of dollars to train in Thailand!  

For a short time only, we're offering a very limited SPECIAL PRICE. If you order today, your investment in becoming a “Striking Specialist” is... 

Less Than A Cup of Coffee A Day For 30 Days. You Don't Ever Have To Worry About Being a Punching Bag For Your Sparring Partners or Opponents EVER Again!  

Are you serious and dedicated enough to trade a cup of coffee (or one night out of eating and drinking) to improve your boxing and Muay Thai striking game and become the BEST, most confident martial artist and fighter you can possibly be? 

That’s less than HALF of what you’d pay for a ONE hour of a private session with the fighters and trainers we’ve personally learned from. Look, you don’t need another YouTube channel with thousands of random videos and movies that are done with poor quality and instruction. You need the “what to do” and “how to do it” instruction to help you finally succeed in ALL areas of the striking game. All in done in a progressive and applicable way.  

So what is the final price of everything included? $397? $197? $97?

Here's Our Special Offer For You

Since we know you're dedicated to reaching your training goals and since you have been one of our #1 supporters, we'll let you have the entire Boxing for Muay Thai Course + Bonus Module + Lawrence Kenshin's Legendary Boxing Breakdowns + all of the other awesome bonuses for only...

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 Only $34!

With these courses being so popular we may want to close down the course or raise the price so we can focus on providing students premium customer support. But since you are a part of our community and have shown your support for our work for a while now, Sean and Paul want to hook you up with a great deal while we can!

In addition to that, you have nothing to lose. If you don’t like the Comprehensive Boxing for Muay Thai Course, just let us know and we will refund your money back. So there is NO RISK to you. It’s a great opportunity to get you started on the path to achieving explosive power and crisp technique with the most EFFICIENT program available!

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Note: This is a digital multimedia program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores – you can only access it through this website.

Hold up Killer! We have more to give you!

Get B4MT and You Will Receive Over $100 In Bonuses Absolutely FREE! 

If You Invested In These Courses Individually, You Would Have To Pay $100 But When You Get In Today I Will Be Including Them For FREE!

Bonus #2: Power Punching 101 ($27 Value)

  • Find out the secrets to develop killer punching power.
  • Learn what other factors lead to a brutal KO punch.
  • Watch fight breakdowns to learn specific techniques and tactics to implement your power punching with.
  • And much more!

Bonus #3: Lawrence Kenshin's Legendary Boxing Breakdowns 

($27 Value)

Go inside the mind of the top fight analyst. 

Through these breakdowns you will uncover suttle neuances that legendary fighters like Sagat Petchiyundee and Samart Payakaroon utilized in obtaining their elite status.

Use the slick boxing techniques of legendary Muay Thai fighters that exposed the two weapons in which their opponents were lacking.  

Bonus #4: Nak Muay Nation Preview ($39 Value) 

Get an inside look at the exclusive VIP section of Nak Muay Nation!

  • Exclusive Muay Thai Video Courses and Breakdowns: These in-depth video courses with over 50+ HD videos cover anything from the basic combos to advanced strategies and techniques. You’ll have a NEW invaluable resource sent to you every single month.
  • Exclusive Muay Thai Technique Library: Get instant access to over 25+ HD videos of techniques, workouts and drills to add to your training sessions. With new videos being added regularly, you’ll have an entire vault of videos that will help you transform your Muay Thai.
  • VIP Access to the “Nak Muay Nation Forums”: One of the most best, most important things you can do for yourself is to surround yourself with like-minded, passionate people. Being in a community of other motivated Nak Muay will transform your life for the better.
  • 14-Day Free Trial! You'll get 14 Days FREE to try out all the videos and exclusive content inside the #1 online Muay Thai community, Nak Muay Nation. After your special 14 day trial, membership is just $39/mo. You may cancel at any time with no questions asked!

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Receive Your Complete Package PLUS All of The Bonuses (Worth Over $379!)... Usually For Just $67, But With This Limited-Time Offer You Can Get It For 50% Off For Only.. 


If you want every repetition to count, if you want every punch to land with authority, and if you want to have the confidence of throwing your elbows, knees, and kicks by creating openings with your hands then TAKE ACTION and get this great deal before it's too late! Invest in yourself and in your training for as little as $34!

  • 50+ Progressive videos to evolve and complete your overall striking game.
  • A bonus strength and conditioning module specific to the fighter in you. Gain the grip strength of Gods, increase your neck strength to lessen damage and to become an immovable object in the clinch, and finish every workout with a burn out that will keep your shoulder endurance at an all time high.
  • Power Punching 101. Use the tweaks, tricks, and adjustments professional fighters follow to land a highlight real knockout.
  • Lawrence Kenshin's Legendary Boxing Breakdowns to see how the legends of Muay Thai broke their competition using boxing tactics specific to the Art of Eight Limbs.
  • 14 Days FREE access to the VIP area of Nak Muay Nation. After your special 14 day trial, membership is just $39/mo. You may cancel at any time with no questions asked!

Need Support? Contact us at either sean@nakmuaynation.com or paul@muaythaiathlete.com

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